The Future of Global Order(s) Blaue Reihe 108

This issue of the Blaue Reihe documents the presentations and major comments made in the course of the international conference "Beyound Crisis: The Furture of Global Order(s)" which was held on July 1st and 2nd 2010 in Bonn. 

The conference gathered international social and economic scientists, policy advisors and members of national and international organizations to engage in a lively debate about the recent financial and economic crisis has triggered. Among the main purposes was to examine emerging new global orders and to critically review exiting global institutional structures in issue areas like global finance and economy, security and development. Participants were also invited to reflect upon the current and future role of the UN and other international organisations. A recurrent theme was that the pluralization of actors and forms of governance challenges the traditionally focal role of the UN in international discourses and decision-making.

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