Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is obliged to perform the following tasks:

  • preparation and planning of UNA-Germany's programming
  • admission of members
  • expulsion of members
  • appointment of the Secretary-General and other employees in the organization
  • convening the General Assembly
  • suggesting amendments to the constitution to the General Assembly
  • establishment, change of statuses and disbandment of formations, commissions or committees.  

UNA-Germany’s Board of Directors is comprised of members which were elected for a term of two years during the 33rd General Assembly in Berlin on 5 December 2015:


  • Detlef Dzembritzki (Berlin) (Chairman)
  • Dr. Ekkehard Griep (Berlin) (Vice Chairman)
  • Jürgen Klimke, MdB (Hamburg) (Vice Chairman)
  • Ana Dujic (Berlin) (Treasurer)
  • Hannah Birkenkötter (Berlin)
  • Matthias Böhning (Köln)
  • Dr. Thomas Held (Oldenburg)
  • Gabriele Köhler (München)
  • Katharina Leschke (Berlin)
  • Winfried Nachtwei (Münster)
  • Ann-Christine Niepelt (Leipzig)
  • Patrick Rohde (Berlin)
  • Dr. Sven Simon (Gießen)



•    Dr. Wolfgang Münch, Berlin
•    Klaus Strakos, Berlin


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