Structure of UNA-Germany

The DGVN is comprised of several different bodies.

The Board of Directors and the Presidium of UNA–Germany represent the association and are elected biannually at our General Assembly.

The Board of Directors is obliged to perform a number of different tasks, which include the preparation and planning of UNA-Germany’s programming, the convening of the General Assembly, the admission of members etc…

The Presidium consists of individuals elected by members at the annual General Assembly and the Honorary Chairman. The Presidium is chosen every four years. The members of the Presidium can cast an advisory vote in the meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Secretariat is located in Berlin and is composed of eight employees. The Secretariat is the main coordinating body concerned with the planning and implementation of events, ideas for publication, support services and serving as a point of contact for members, information for the United Nations as well as the search for experts on UN affairs.

The Research Council of the UNA-Germany initiates and supports academic research on problems that concern the UN and its specialized agencies. The Research Council organizes UN symposia, which bring together aspects of policy, academics and administration. In a sense, it operates as a policy consultation organization.

The Advisory Board for Global Population and Migration strives to educate the public about the issue of overpopulation, support the international work of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and raise awareness of population-related issues in the social and political sphere. The Advisory Board is staffed by independent experts from academia and the political sphere. It facilitates UNA tasks, events, conferences and press conferences and assists in their implementation.

Nationwide, state associations and working groups of UNA-Germany represent goals of the United Nations.