Volume 2018

Issue 1/2018 - World Power versus World Organization

In January 2017, two important appointments transpired almost contemporaneously: With Donald J. Trump as President of the United States and UN Secretary General António Guterres, two hardly more different personalities guide the destinies of a world power and world organization respectively. The authors of Issue 1/2018 of the journal VEREINTE NATIONEN look into the American UN policy under Trump and reach some conclusions, as the behavior of the US towards the UN still plays an important role in international politics.

Barbara Crossette looks back at 2017 and follows the important, turbulent developments between the USA under President Trump and UN Secretary General Guterres. Former member of the House of Representatives Tom Periello confirms this dynamic in the US-UN relationship in the “Three Questions to” section. There also is a historical continuity illustrated in the US’s demands that the world organization reform. Josef Braml dedicates his analysis to American’s demands for UN reforms and the background of these mantra-like utterances. However, regarding the announced exit of the USA from the Paris Climate Accord, Manuela Mattheß asserts that this in no way means the end of the international fight against climate change. On the other hand, Lea-Sophie Zielinski is pessimistic about American protection of human rights. She fears that under the current US government, human rights abuses will attain a new quality.