General Information on the United Nations Association of Germany

What is UNA-Germany?

The United Nations Association of Germany - UNA-Germany (Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen – DGVN) was founded in 1952 as a non-governmental organization and became a full member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) in 1966. UNA-Germany is a non-partisan and independent organization and does not represent the specific interests of any single group in society. It works as a non-profit organization and its Board of Directors is elected every two years.


According to its charter, UNA-Germany strives to inform the German public in an impartial and critical manner about the aims, institutions and activities of the United Nations. It intends to increase interest in and awareness of current events in foreign and development policy, cultural and world economic policy as well as international relations and developments in general. UNA-Germany wants to encourage debate on these topics while simultaneously engaging in critical discussion of German UN policy.

What does UNA-Germany do?

UNA-Germany is responsible for maintaining an Information and Documentation Center, organizing events, publishing the bimonthly academic periodical VEREINTE NATIONEN - German Review on the United Nations, presenting a wide range of printed and online information and publishing a German-language newsletter.

Information and Documentation Center

UNA-Germany acts as an Information and Documentation Center for the United Nations and its specialized agencies in Germany and also publishes German-language information material (academic periodical VEREINTEN NATIONEN, books, policy papers, leaflets etc.) on the structure of the UN and its most important fields of activity.

Informational material published by UNA-Germany addresses the issues of development policy, peacekeeping, globalization and world economy, human rights, migration, the environment, UN reform, international law etc.

The Documentation Center is comprised of an archive consisting of official documents from the UN General Assembly, the Security Council and the Trusteeship Council (since the founding of the UN; in English), a compilation of UN documents in German, as well as an archive of media coverage relating to the UN.

Publications from other institutions working on UN related issues are available and distributed to special interest groups alongside UN informational materials. Specific information sets as well as policy statements of the Board of Directors of UNA-Germany are passed on to the members of the German Parliament, the Federal Government, the media and the public at large.


UNA-Germany hosts a number of events which include study trips, conferences, seminars and symposia, panel discussions, talks on topical issues, and press conferences with participants from the field of politics, academia and civil society.


Main topics include:

  • Peacekeeping, crisis prevention, international security
  • Global development, globalization, world population
  • International human rights protection
  • Reform of the United Nations
  • Germany and the UN

UNA-Germany Online

UNA-Germany presents a wide range of information online. You will find information on current events as well as an introduction to several publications, such as "UN-Basic-Information", while background information on UN topics are provided for free as downloads. Visitors of the website receive an overview of further UN related websites through an extensive list of links. Furthermore, visitors of our website may request specific information by e-mail and may order the newsletter “DGVN@ktuell” or register for events. More information is provided at

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Membership Services

Members of UNA-Germany receive the bimonthly academic periodical VEREINTE NATIONEN (German Review on the United Nations) six times a year as well as invitations to events. They are also invited to attend study trips which feature visits to UN Missions in states emerging from armed conflict. Previous delegations visited Côte d'Ivoire, Sudan, Liberia and Timor-Leste. Furthermore, anyone who is interested can request the e-mail DGVN newsletter for free. UNA-Germany's General Secretariat will gladly answer your questions concerning the United Nations.

If you would like to support the United Nations Association of Germany by becoming a member please contact our office:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen (DGVN)
Zimmerstrasse 26/27
D-10969 Berlin
Phone: 0049 (0)30 259 375 10
Fax: 0049 (0)30 259 375 29

Membership Fees

For members the subscription of the academic bimonthly journal VEREINTE NATIONEN - German Review on the United Nations is included in their annual membership fee:

Individuals: € 80.00
Married couples: € 100.00
Students*: € 30.00
People in economic hardship (to be approved on application): € 30.00
Public institutions: € 100.00
Private institutions, corporations, and others: starting from € 500.00
*For university students: up to the age of 27 or until completion of the 14th Semester (enrollment verification)

Membership termination can be requested with a written notice three months prior the end of a calendar year.