Quick Info: The UN Youth Program

Almost half of the world’s population is under 24-years-old and 85% of them are currently living in developing countries. These numbers show how important it is to take the concerns of youth into consideration.

In 1995, the UN General Assembly adopted the World Program of Action for Youth (WPAY). This defines 15 issues, which confront youth worldwide:

-Inter-generational relations
-Information and communications technology
-Youth in armed conflict
-Youth participation in decision-making
-Girls and young women as well as the

The governments of the UN member states have committed themselves to enacting political measures and programs in their respective countries, all of which will be implemented with the help of young people.

Since the adoption of WPAY, a so-called World Youth Report has been drawn up every two years, which serves as an inventory of the progress which has been achieved so far. The report is divided into three broad fields: Youth in the global economy, youth in civil society and youth and their well-being.

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