The Blue Portal: General Information about the UN and UNA-Germany - The blue portal provides UN News, the overview of UN topics, information on the UNA, and the UNA's publications and events.

UNA-Germany's main site gives readers an overview of the scope, purpose, activities and capacities of the organization, in addition to providing the public with information about the United Nations and the challenges it currently confronts. Information about our separate portals, all of which deal with the organization's most pressing issues, are divided into the sections entitled Fighting Climate Change, Ensuring Peace, Enhancing Human Development, and Enforcing Human Rights.

All portals seek to:

  • Shine a light on recent challenges in the area of human rights and the equality of women. It also seeks to provide background for such issues.
  • Discuss policies and engagement with the United Nations
  • Provide educational materials available to students, teachers and interested individuals
  • Show how everyone can be active nationally, globally and even at home.

The Red Portal: Fighting Climate Change - In the red portal, you will find information on topics such as climate change and other environmental issues.

There is no longer any denying that climate change exists. If we fail to stop it, storms, floods, droughts, melting glaciers, and natural catastrophes will follow as a result. Efforts of the United Nations to fight poverty worldwide will show little effectiveness and sadly, the countries that will be hit hardest by climate change are the ones that contribute the least to it. Great importance is placed upon this issue at the UNA-Germany. Fighting climate change is not just a question of political decision-making; it is also a question of our daily actions. We all must stand for this global responsibility and work to strengthen the United Nations. offers further information about current issues regarding the environment. Learn more at our German-language website! Read more...

The Green Portal: Ensuring Peace - The green portal delivers information on topics such as peacekeeping as well as recent developments in international conflicts, disarmament and counter-terrorism.

Safeguarding world peace and international security is outlined as the United Nations’ central goal in Article 1 in the UN Charter. Today, global peacebuilding is a complex challenge. Many of the focus points of peacebuilding involve settling conflict through military and civilian activities, disarmament and combating terrorism. A significant concept in peacebuilding is Human Security. This means more than just an absence of weapons and war. Human Security is comprehensive security, which means protection from poverty, war and humiliation, which means better life chances and the observance of human rights. The concept also characterizes the commitment the United Nations has to peacekeeping around the world.

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The Yellow-Brown Portal: Enhancing Human Development - The yellow-brown portal is concerned with questions regarding development politics, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), world-population issues and HIV/AIDS.

Human Development means that people are placed at the forefront of issues relating to social and economic development. It is also about opening possibilities which can develop the productive and creative capacities that will in turn enhance one’s quality of life. This concept characterizes the commitment that the UN has in the fight against hunger and poverty, solving population crises, and solving migration, health and global economic issues.

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The Violet Portal: Enforcing Human Rights The violet portal brings messages, background texts and documents concerning human rights questions and actors involved in the field - a cross-cutting subject that touches all areas of UN policy.

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